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Get to know about me!

Hi! I am a frontend developer and e-commerce consultant with a strong affinity to art and design.

Until the end of 2018, I was building up the sustainable fashion label and e-commerce company ThokkThokk. After the sale of ThokkThokk, I am now engaged in the development of creative web solutions. In doing so, I like it to break confessions, the status quo and finding new innovative solutions this way. Programming skills: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Shopify Liquid

My passion is art, design, architecture and music. I was born in Dachau near Munich and grew up in various places in Austria and Germany.

After my apprenticeship as a carpenter and furniture designer, my passion for special, unusual and characterful design was not limited to the development of furniture. Therefore, in addition to graphic and web design, I also experimented with various other materials, in particular the experiments with textiles led to the idea at the end of 2007 of founding my own fashion label and producing individual, sustainable clothing myself and selling it over the Internet.

Here I developed a first graphic line and transferred the motifs to textiles using screen printing. These motifs hit the bull's eye and the very first ThokkThokk print motif “Squared” quickly became a bestseller, which was followed by many more.

Over a period of more than ten years, these experiments with ThokkThokk developed into one of the most modern, creative and innovative sustainable fashion labels on the market and could do a lot of pioneering work for sustainable fashion.

After more than ten years of hard development work and an ever growing business, the time had come for me to devote myself more to creativity and to work more freely. For this reason, I decided in 2019 to give ThokkThokk in different hands and to use my accumulated know-how from design and company structure for diverse creative projects.

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